Possessed network infrastructure:

What exactly is this switch trying to tell me? 😂

@fribbledom there are seven devices connected, but they go to devices in a multiverse which we can't see

@fribbledom is that a hub. Hubs are quite dumb like that. If thats a switch, you might be overvolting it


A hub?! I don't think I've seen one in the past 15 years or so 😆

No, this is a switch, supposedly business grade even. No over-volting either, this thing is just fucked by the looks of it.

@fribbledom ah ok. This is the one I have. It's a consumer grade and it's super stable. Looks like that one has a short or something


Ports link state is forced ON

Log in and check settings.


Sadly they do go bad sometimes. Have fun with the hammer, you’ll feel better

@fribbledom (hit the defaults button for 30 secs, power cycle and keep holding the button for 5 secs while it comes back online)

@fribbledom I knew this would be it without even looking at the video link.


It is a good one, after all 😆 The scene and the entire movie!

@fribbledom I see a bunch of faces peering out at you with glowing green eyes. It's trying to say "I see you".

@fribbledom I think it's trying to tell you that it's Christmas season.

@fribbledom @fribbledom That’s maybe the “dead capacitors” (IIRC) problem that Netgear switches have been plagued with? Simple swap out from what I remember.

@fribbledom That switch is warning you that there is too much static electricity around still. (IMO)

@fribbledom I have a similar model. All the LEDs turn on briefly while it's booting, so maybe it got stuck in that state. If it can't be recovered, contact Netgear and they should replace it free of charge.


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