Hello from the other side!

The Arch install was smooth sailing once I made my mind up how to partition and encrypt everything.

The Arch Wiki (as usual) has been a fantastic source of documentation!

Ended up writing a little tutorial for the most basic & common install path featuring LVM on LUKS. Will publish that soon.

@fribbledom niiiiice, I find that the arch wiki is super helpful for even when I'm not using arch

@fribbledom Were you already using Arch, or switched for some reason?

It's been nice for a bit of in-VM experimenting I was doing, but have been on some version of Debian for forever. (Just reinstalled fresh Mint, but with LUKS and btrfs)


Been using Arch for over 12 years now.

Just made the switch to btrfs on my desktop now, too.

Still running Debian on the servers, though 😊

@fribbledom Yeah, hard to beat plain Debian for servers. I think my problem for desktops is that I get into the rabbit-hole of tinkering, and avoid doing real work. Or at least, that's the temptation.

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