Microsoft's eBook store is shutting down and with it all your books will disappear, too.

Just a reminder to be cautious when purchasing digital goods (and the reason why I still prefer to buy my games on disc and books in paper).

@fribbledom This is a loosing battle 😞 But we do what we can, don't we?

@fribbledom Same, if possible, buy on paper - unless it's on sale for a buck - and then I might buy the paper edition after I read it.

@fribbledom this is terrible. About a decade ago I wrote several essays on the danger of giving so few entities control over such a large amount of cultural material based upon the one time Amazon deleted a book from the store and from all Kindles at the same time. I should dig them out and dust them off, it's sad how they have become foreboding.

Allow me to recommend the dedrm plugin for Calibre. This allows you to use your legal access to strip DRM from any ebook you own. You can then keep your Microsoft Store-bought ebooks. (But do it before the Store goes away!)

@anne @fribbledom If dedrm fails, it's also relatively easy to write a macro that automatically screenshots all pages of an ebook. I had to do that once when the free version of a textbook for university only had 5 copies (for 100 students) for a maximum of 7 days.

@ghostdancer @anne @fribbledom Does the DeDRM plugin work with the current version of the for macOS? I had troubles last year and am using an old app version from 2017 or so right now.

@flowfx @ghostdancer @anne @fribbledom It did six months ago when I last ran it. It was necessary to hack the installation to make the app download the deDRMable version of the ebook. There’s talk about it on Apprentice Alf’s page.

@flowfx If you have an actual physical kindle, that provides another avenue to strip the DRM from their books. You can download the file from Content and Devices page for loading via USB. One of the Calibre plugins lets you enter the serial number of the device, and then you can just drag and drop the file you downloaded. If you don't have one, you can always pick up a 1st or 2nd gen device on ebay for super cheap.

@Anne @muesli By all means strip drm where you can, but the problem with that approach is that you still support the drm-based business model. So prefer buying drm-free when possible!

@fribbledom Yes, be cautious of buying DRM encumbered digital goods.

However, for ebooks, there are sellers that will sell you non-DRM ones. You can download and backup these ebooks, no problem at all.

Check out the list maintained by @libreture

@fribbledom At least they refunded their users, makes me wonder how Amazon's eBook portfolio might be wrapped up one day, refunding users would be orders of magnitude more costly.

@fribbledom Me: "Microsoft had an eBook Store?"

I guess that was the problem

@fribbledom I still buy CDs and rip them myself into our music library....

@fribbledom also makes a good case for piracy and against DMCA.

And still they trying to sell you the phrase "trust in the cloud"

@fribbledom I got burnt by Apple many years ago with a reasonable size iTunes library disappearing. Was not pleased. Never again.

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