On the definition of "special software":

"Manning did not have admin-level privileges, and used special software, namely a Linux operating system, to access the computer file and obtain the portion of the password provided to Assange."

@Ayior @fribbledom Kali didn't initially release until 2013... maybe backtrack linux?

@fribbledom It would be special software, in that its not the software that came on the systems.

It doesn’t mean “illegal” or “souper seekrit”, just not the ordinary.

@fribbledom Presumably something as simple as a Ubuntu live CD.
FFS, I have disk encryption protecting my family photos and the US military doesn't even bother with Bitlocker for their collection of atrocity records.

@priryo @fribbledom
thats something i could add to my CV

'skills in using "special software"'

@cybercow @fribbledom
Hell, in a world where Excel macros make you look like a magician that's more than reasonable.

@fribbledom special Russian hacker software. Remember kids, when you program Linux, you program COMMUNISM.

So, either no disk crypto, or a weak password.

But this is totally Assange's fault, guys.

@fribbledom can we just sue anyone who runs Linux in the US government for being malicious now

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