@fribbledom I still maintain that DOS 6.22 was Microsoft's last decent software product. (I used to use their ergonomic keyboards.)

@grumpysmiffy @fribbledom Interesting; I find DOS 5.0 to be their last. 6.0/6.22 introduced a significant number of bugs for me.

@vertigo @fribbledom It's the only version I've used. We entered the Microsoft game only after running dumb terminals off an AIX box for a while.

@fribbledom I cut my teeth with DOS. Those really were the days. It was a good mix of nerdy but not super nerdy simultaneously.

@fribbledom Yes, they were! I still have a few issues from back then, including the one where DOS tested some UNIXes and predicted they may be the future! Turns out true, right? Just maybe not precisely the SCO, AIX for PC or Unixware or whatever variants they tested 😄😄(Linux wasnt out yet)

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