Rather tempted to spin up a new virtual machine to re-experience the joys of one of my earlier Linux distros in life.

3 open-source packed CDs and a huge manual inside the box. It was 1997. Time flies.

@fribbledom SuSE was my first Linux, installed from a tower of floppies. It took 5 minutes to boot on my old 486 without FPU. Good times

@fribbledom Nice! My first Linux distro was Red Hat 5.2. Came in an equally large box with a printed manual. It was nice :) Don't think I still have it though :(

@fribbledom "Unix für PCs" but as anyone will tell you, Linux is Not UniX ;-)

@fribbledom wtf is that box design? did it look cool in 1997 or what? lol

@fribbledom Why use a VM when you can pick up a genuine Pentium PC at the thrift store to load it on instead? :thinknyan:


At the thrift store? I'd really just have to go get one from the attic 😂

@fribbledom Haha. Good point. Idk why I assumed that someone who held onto old discs like that wouldn't also hold onto old computers/parts.

@fribbledom I almost wish I could turn back time and experience those early days of Linux, install feats and lugs.

@fribbledom omg, your camera is in serious need of color correction or that box needs to be retrobrited 😂 #retrocomputing

@codewiz So I saw this before you redrafted it and was like "retrograded? don't know that in this context..." and failed to find answers elsewhere... only to come back and see this repost. Lol. @fribbledom

@emsenn @fribbledom I only ever heard that word pronounced by the 8-bit Guy, and had no idea how to spell it (in fact, I found various spelling variations 🙂)

@fribbledom Geezus. I can't Monday. Got too fixated on the image, I guess


Haha, don't worry! Btw, it's in the photo, too. Bottom right corner 😂

@fribbledom That's what I get for not actually clicking on it. I'm just going to give up today.

@fribbledom Suse 4.4 has been my first linux contact, I still have the manual...

@fribbledom Strange. My first SuSE was November 1996, without any version number printed on...

When was 2.0.12?
I am afraid, next year i must spend a party.
368/5MB/170MB HD and a 14400bps Modem. UUCP 4 mail n news.
X11? Haahahahaha.

@fribbledom ooh I have my first suse still as well.. lost my first slackware (which I still use!)

@sushee @fribbledom My first SuSE still was Slackware, see this older post:

Looking at it from today, the joys are slightly limited (I reinstalled it a couple of years ago, but the screenshots and notes I posted are gone with G+ ...). Really don't miss rudimentary disk management tools and XF86 mode lines...


Nice! I also got the entire 6.3 package sitting here, and somewhere there ought to be the 5.0 release as well. I think those were the last releases I actually paid for though. I pretty much switched to Debian around that time.

@fribbledom @caffeine Similar story here! I have switched to debian potatoe after 6.2...
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