Happy 30th Birthday, Intel 80486!

This is the 33MHz CPU I've used for my first own PC build, and at some point in the near future I'd love to try and rebuild that machine from spare parts.

Can't wait to see you boot up just once more, my old friend!

My first PC was a 25MHz 486 SX, which was upgraded to a 33MHz DX a year later.


Naaah, DOOM ran fine on that. I mean, whatever your definition of "fine" is, of course. But I remember playing it on a 386SX and I still enjoyed it, albeit it was certainly a bit slow there.

@fribbledom @thomasfuchs Also, while the performance of the processor was constant, you were still at the mercy of the specific chipset and bus architectures of the motherboard manufacturer. A poor choice of chipset or the wrong bus master arbitration algorithm could spell doom (no pun intended) for good data throughput over the system buses.

@fribbledom I remember when the 486 came out. I must be getting old.

@fribbledom Ddamn it I wish I had one of those. Then I could give it to my Advanced Operating Systems teacher so that he can play Doom smoothly with software rendering. Then I wouldn't have to write a PCI driver for his funny 3D accelerator card.

@fribbledom Da kommen Erinnerungen auf :D Ich denke an Spiele wie Transport Tycoon und Command and Conquer (1).

@fribbledom I had the SX, same speed. Those were some solidly built chips back in the day, with proper thick feet and everything.

@fribbledom I wanted one of these, had to settle for the inferior SX version instead :(

@fribbledom plenty of old parts in a wardrobe, tens and tens old memory cards, isa token ring, isa audio card etc, I still have an old working P200MX, after throwing away other "newer" hw of about 10years ago. But the real treasure is my C64 👾

I grew up with a Philips 8bit homecomputer, and thus skipped the whole range of actual x86 machines till my brother got a . Also only briefly used Windows 3.11, before switching to W95.

@fribbledom lol omg i had the 50Mhz version of this as a kid and my primary memory of it is that it could MELT THE SUN

My second real PC! I had an 8088 based XT clone first. Upgrading to that 486/33 was like a grand awakening. SO FAST.

@fribbledom Ah, nostalgia! I recall our second wave of PCs (we were initially AIX-based, with dumb terminals) were DX4-100s. Which, when replaced, became my first Linux boxes.

@fribbledom Love it! I remember when my dad got a 486 computer to replace our older Epson 8086. Gaming went up a notch. It had a Turbo button on the front with a clock speed readout... engaging turbo jolted it from 10 MHz to the fully armed and operational 33 MHz battlestation from which I spent many hours playing TIE Fighter... Good memories!

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