Beehive is like an open-source, self-hosted version of IFTTT.

... and it supports Mastodon!

Check it out:


Nope, and I must admit I haven't heard of Snips before. It's easy to write new bees, though 😉

@fribbledom It's an AI assistant thing. Would be interesting to be able to activate stuff with that.

Nice! This looks like it could be very useful.

@fribbledom I'm all over that. Thanks for the heads up. IFTTT always irked me for various reasons (randomly stopped working, bad customer support), but the concept is genius.

@fribbledom Ha, I was literally just going to go searching for exactly that description, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'll have to check it out!

@fribbledom and just like that, one of my projects gets superseded

@fribbledom Is my understanding correct that the only data Beehive persists is contained within the beehive.conf file? So this is all I would need to backup?

(Or can individual Hives store additional data or state information, e.g. which RSS entries they have already processed etc.?)


Correct, there's only beehive.conf currently. That also means Hives can't store any state - just yet!

That feature is obviously on the roadmap, though!

@fribbledom this looks awesome, not sure how I have missed this!


Hi! Thanks for making #beehive ! Does the Mastodon hive work with Pleroma? 🐝​


Afraid beehive still requires username/password based authentication with the API, which the Pleroma compat-layer doesn't support.

It's on my ever-so-lengthy (😒) todo list, but I can't make any promises when I'll get to it.



No worries! Found a CLI util, will try to get it working with Beehive :ablobsmilehappy:
@fribbledom @ninja I'm currently fiddling with `mattn/go-mastodon` for posting to Pleroma with username/password auth; I can probably have a look at the beehive stuff if I get a chance.


Oh? Maybe it does work then? I must admit I haven't tested it myself, it's just the feedback I got from other users.


@fribbledom @zimpenfish

Thanks peeps. The python toot CLI app also works with username / password auth. Will try beehive as well. Have a great weekend!
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