Wow, just wow.

Tonight I tooted about a little project called Beehive... and apparently you people starred that project on GitHub that much, it actually made it to the list of trending projects today 😊

Even better: a bunch of contributions and pull requests are already rolling it and, frankly, nothing feels more rewarding to a programmer than that.

Thank you everyone, you people are simply amazing! Nothing but love for the community on the fediverse!

@fribbledom wow cool project! Is there no ActivityPub hive (yet)? I want to repost some of my Flickr photos on Mastodon automatically :-)


There is a Mastodon hive, which allows you to toot and forward your toots to other services. It doesn't support posting media yet, but hey, that's probably only one friendly feature request on GitHub away from happening πŸ˜‰



That admittedly needs some love and updating 😞 Frankly, it should probably be auto-generated from the sources.

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