Last toot on the entire IRC v platform discussion I kicked off here:

If you believe IRC is problematic because it has issues with a messy nick registration process, you don't get persistent chat history and you can't post images/videos/media into a channel...

please uninstall xchat and maybe give a different client or self-hosted solution like thelounge a chance. You perception of IRC's experience is rather limited because of the client you chose, not because IRC sucks.

@fribbledom It's a protocol. If people want to get shitty about protocols, may I present POP3 and IMAP as ones far more needy of being blasted into the sun (and about twenty years ago, too.) Yes, it's totally about clients.

@fribbledom The main issue is probably that mods can't remove already sent messages from your receiving client so you don't have to see them? Other than that, it 99% seems to be about the tooling rather than the protocol.

@fribbledom I've been using quassel for a long time. In fact, the first time I joined an IRC channel I was using quassel. It's a nice experience and, even I had to use irssi sometimes, I still like IRC.

@fribbledom IMO there's some unfortunate IRC behavior that's built into the protocol. For example, regardless of my client, I can't get history/scrollback for new rooms I join. It's possible for your client to join every room and hide unnecessary ones from you, but then each room's user list is inflated.

@fribbledom I'm all-for having open, usable communication software + protocols, but I'm not sure that we've reached the "best possible communication" with IRC.

@cactipus @fribbledom The lack of chat history and "proper" permission system (roles etc), the lack of having multiple thematic "rooms" on the same server and the lack of voice comms are valid reasons against IRC in this let's say "argument".

@fribbledom as much as I rely on IRC, I still think it is not a great protocol because it excludes a lot of people who do not have access to their own server

@fribbledom sorry that was badly worded: they do not have their own server

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