"Education works best when all the parts are working."

Arguably a rather correct representation of the school system. Teachers and students should work together, but then parents come in and jam up the entire system 😂

@fribbledom I got that pretty quickly thanks to my Lego experiments
@fribbledom tbh that's an accurate representation of what was going lately in education in Poland

only replace the blocking gear from parents to teachers mostly

@fribbledom ah so I'm not only one seeing the parents as the problem here

@fribbledom @nightpool I mean, bad teachers are as much a problem as bad parents, and once you get to high school the students aren’t blameless either, but at least teachers have a compelling reason to follow the syllabus

Source: my mom has been a high school teacher for almost 30 years and is thoroughly sick of it

Yabbut... those gears can't turn at all. You'd think a catchy slogan about how things "work" would at least deserve an illustration of a mechanism that could actually turn.

Yeah thats why the hashtag "You had one job" is there
And how its ironically more accurate this way

You DO realize that gears in that configuration are pretty much stuck.

@fribbledom if u look up irony in the dictionary it's just this picture

@fribbledom have we been watching the same google talk vids? :)

@fribbledom They either had no idea what they were doing, or else knew exACTLY what they were doing...

@fribbledom Am I the only one that cares this sign implies the majority of the "work" should be on students? This is how the system instills a cult of personal responsibility and individualism from an early age.

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