This isn't quite the bug report I wanted to wake up to:

All Firefox extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert on 2019-05-04:

and anyway, wasn't it silly to remove the option to disable mandatory signing in the first place? at least somewhere in about:config


I think you can still do that:

Set "xpinstall.signatures.required" to false.

oh, that's great, it works! I just had a quick look at FAQ, and such, no mention in the bug report, and didn't dig further... thanks a lot!


Just don't forget to re-enable it eventually 😉

@fribbledom @feonixrift @giocomai
all my addons have been removed and this doesnt seem to bring them back?
im running stable on linux so the option is still available

curious if I'm doing something wrong?

@y0x3y @fribbledom @giocomai
Interesting; Mine were all still active and not reporting any errors (maybe because I haven't updated anything in a while?) so I tweaked the config out of proactive caution. In theory if the option works like it should, you should at least be able to reinstall the addons.

@feonixrift @fribbledom @giocomai
hmmm, i dont even remember all the addons i had installed

this is upsetting.

@y0x3y @fribbledom @giocomai
If you have a home directory backup maybe you could pull the list out of there? =/

I have Firefox 66.0.3 on linux. All extensions were gone, with a notice when I started the browser. As soon as I tweaked the about:config param, all were instantly back, without even need for restarting Firefox.

@giocomai huh, thats odd. i wonder what im doing/did wrong


You can check out the "Legacy Extensions" in Firefox's settings. This should show you all the disabled extensions you got.

@feonixrift @giocomai

@fribbledom my first reaction when I read this on reddit was naaaah, that couldn't have happened.....

@fribbledom Do you know how this works? Do they check the certificates every time I open my browser? I would've assumed that this happens when I download the add-on, so that old ones would be safe for now. But based on the description, that doesn't seem to be the case?


It looks like it does exactly that, yes. I'm still gathering more information and details about the situation as we speak. Will toot about any findings, as usual.

@fribbledom Yeah, I saw this, and really want to install a vertical tab extension, but I can't

I've tried a few of the workarounds but they don't seem to work ...


You can open "about:config" and set "xpinstall.signatures.required" to false.

Just don't forget to re-enable it once the fix is out.

@fribbledom I tried that, but it didn't work - do I need to do anything else?


Maybe restart Firefox. I must admit I haven't tried it myself so far. I kinda don't dare to restart my browser right now, since I badly depend on a few extensions 😆


Oh, so you still got a running instance and just wanted to install a new addon right now?

Tough situation, really. I probably wouldn't risk it.

@fribbledom @hugo Oh, so you're OK if you don't restart? And here's me due for my fortnightly freeze of my Macbook...

@hugo @fribbledom Oh, thank you! Means I only have to face restore tabs requiring me to do about a dozen 2FA logins. My fault for embracing security, eh?

@grumpysmiffy @fribbledom I managed to load a plugin by right-clicking the "Add to Firefox" button and downloading the plugin directly, then using "load temporary addon" via about:debugging

@hugo @fribbledom OK, so what we're looking at is a fuck-up that can be worked around, rather than the end of the world. That's a bit more comforting.

@hugo @fribbledom Uh-oh. Desktop had "One or more installed add-ons cannot be verified and have been disabled" when I sat down this morning. Just come up on my laptop, too. Like they haven't fixed it yet?


They released a fix via the Firefox Studies feature, which you can enable (and then disable again) in your Privacy Settings.


@fribbledom @hugo if i understand this only works on beta and nightly versions
@fribbledom @hugo I've heard you may need the Developer version or the Nightly version of Firefox in order for that to work

@Frinkeldoodle @fribbledom @hugo apparently the Linux version also has this enabled, no nightly needed.

@Frinkeldoodle @fribbledom @hugo No, that works in every firefox version.

The biggest disadvantage is though, that you have to do it with each one individually and have to do it on every firefox start

@fribbledom @hugo According to this: xpinstall.signatures.required works on Android but not on “proper” Firefox.

@artik @hugo @fribbledom Seems to work on 66.0.3 on Ubuntu. The gesturefy plugin wasn't working, set that, restarted and now it's working.

@fribbledom this is an unexpected doom, still nice to see most people bring at least vaguely polite to the poor sod who runs the Firefox twitter account.

Apparently they're testing fixes but won't give an ETA for sensible reasons.

@fribbledom I wanted to try out Falkon as a main browser anyway.


Falkon is great and I like it a lot, but the lack of extensions is kinda killing it for me.

@fribbledom The feeling when you read about a bug just a few seconds before it affects you :BlobCatSurprised: But at least someone a long time ago was smart enough to let the certificate expire on a weekend 😉

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