This isn't quite the bug report I wanted to wake up to:

All Firefox extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert on 2019-05-04:

@fribbledom Yeah, I saw this, and really want to install a vertical tab extension, but I can't

I've tried a few of the workarounds but they don't seem to work ...


You can open "about:config" and set "xpinstall.signatures.required" to false.

Just don't forget to re-enable it once the fix is out.

@fribbledom I tried that, but it didn't work - do I need to do anything else?


Maybe restart Firefox. I must admit I haven't tried it myself so far. I kinda don't dare to restart my browser right now, since I badly depend on a few extensions 😆

@fribbledom @hugo Oh, so you're OK if you don't restart? And here's me due for my fortnightly freeze of my Macbook...

@hugo @fribbledom Oh, thank you! Means I only have to face restore tabs requiring me to do about a dozen 2FA logins. My fault for embracing security, eh?

@grumpysmiffy @fribbledom I managed to load a plugin by right-clicking the "Add to Firefox" button and downloading the plugin directly, then using "load temporary addon" via about:debugging

@hugo @fribbledom OK, so what we're looking at is a fuck-up that can be worked around, rather than the end of the world. That's a bit more comforting.

@hugo @fribbledom Uh-oh. Desktop had "One or more installed add-ons cannot be verified and have been disabled" when I sat down this morning. Just come up on my laptop, too. Like they haven't fixed it yet?



They released a fix via the Firefox Studies feature, which you can enable (and then disable again) in your Privacy Settings.


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