Disclaimer: I know we have some of the harshest systemd critics over here. If that sounds like you, then you may want to ignore this post and skip to the next one πŸ˜†

Still reading and using systemd? Great! To help you generate new services and monitor your system's logs & units, I created two little tools you may find helpful!

Check out service-tools over on GitHub:

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@fribbledom I'm not a fan of systemd, but I am rather indifferent. It's there and must be used, so make the most of it. Kudos on the tools. πŸ‘

@claudiom @fribbledom I used to be a critic of , but no longer. I've really come to appreciate it as time passed.

systemd is actually quite cool in a lot of ways. The many ways one can parse the journal are especially slick, and helpful.


I agree, hence why I wrote service-monitor πŸ˜‰ We simply didn't have nice APIs to filter logs by level and other criteria before. Or to monitor a service's state.


@fribbledom I have as much scorn for systemd as anyone, but I still think the Nix expressions you can write to generate units are pretty neat and I've kind of gotten used to journalctl by now.

Still, 'not systemd' is definitely something I consider a feature guix has over nix.

@fribbledom Haha. I understand people's concerns with systemd, and am a systemd doubter myself, but I use systemd right now and I will look into those tools. Thanks!

@fribbledom ooh I think I need this, especially the log monitoring program

@fribbledom Also a shout-out to you as maintainer! It's a pleasure to contribute to your projects. :metal:

@fribbledom Arg! We're on Go 1.10.8. I can't update developer tools without a long lead time, unfortunately. So this goes into the "look at it after next distro upgrade" list. 😞


I think you can still compile this fine with Go 1.7+, if you use the regular go get approach. I only just bumped it to 1.11 after switching to Go modules today.

@fribbledom useful, i guess everyone does this rarely enough to not remember the syntax but often enough to be annoyed amd need a tool

@fribbledom Wow. This right here is why I love the Open Source community. So convenient.

Do you find yourself using Go a lot for this kind of work? I started looking into Rust, but I keep having the Go carrot dangled in front of me.
I know they're not filling the same niche, but my time is limited for learning :)
Always looking for opinions. if you have one and are willing to share. I'm a Python and Clojure/ClojureScript guy, with enough C/C++ to understand why Rust is so exciting.

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