Legend has it that Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1968.

But did you know that German television manufacturer Telefunken released a "rolling-ball" device just a few months earlier?

From a technical perspective it actually closely resembles the kind of mouse that we ended up using until the late 90s.

The German patent office declined a patent due to a "lack of inventive step".

@fribbledom Do you know the story of Antonio Meucci's telephone?
The true story is not mentioned here

@fribbledom Well the official story is difficult to emerge; for too long Bell has been considered as "the inventor of the telephone". But that's not true. Even wikipedia only tells the official truth, which is not true.

@fribbledom I thought the first mouse was the Antikythera mechanism.

@fribbledom I want one, if only to have a cool-looking ball mouse that says "TELEFUNKEN" on my desk.

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