Canonical's track record of abandoning projects:

- Unity
- Upstart
- Mir
- Support for a bunch of derivatives
- Ubuntu Phone/Touch
- Ubuntu for Android
- ...

Still a good distro, but in case you wondered why I twitch briefly whenever I hear their name... now you know 😆


Thing is... even though their Ubuntu Phone may never have seen widespread adoption, it's actually been a good product. I've seen it, I personally know people who worked on it. I held it in my hands. It was really good!

If Canonical didn't manage to pull off this feat, I have little hope anyone else will. That means we'll have only a few closed source options in the predominating computing market of the near future: mobiles.


@fribbledom I don't consider mobiles computing device, they are more communication devices, I dunno, I don't do much computering on them


Maybe you would if the platforms weren't walled gardens?

I'm still hoping for a mobile computing device, that I can simply plug into a docking station and use as a (Linux) desktop wherever I go.

The hardware would be powerful enough for most of my work scenarios these days.

@fribbledom @fence yeah, that'd be an ideal use case eh? i'd honestly love that

jailbroken ios is great and all, but a proper linux phone would be even better

@fribbledom @fence are you willing to test the pinephone? I'm really hyped regarding that device.

@Bobo_PK @fribbledom @fence I’m intending to get a PinePhone when they release, to replace my current (7yo) phone.

@fribbledom @fence Videos of recent builds of Windows on ARM running on Lumia 950 hardware are interesting glimpses into a world of true pocket computing. If even Microsoft wasn't able to dribble the mobile device ball long enough to bootstrap the vision of a full computer in your pocket, this is a weird timeline.

(I've got a few more important things to get off my old Lumia, then I'm hoping to install the Windows on ARM myself.)


Except the hardware wasn't anywhere near powerful enough back when... plus the project is part of the list of abandoned projects 😉


@fribbledom You're being too optimistic: smartphones have been the dominant computing market for the past, what, half-decade? For what must be close to by now, if not the, majority of people online, the smartphone is their first and only computer.


Maybe, yeah. Filter bubbles and such may distort my reality 😆

@fribbledom There's so much renewed activity in this area that I'm hopeful about getting a fully FLOSS phone in the near future.

There's The Pine Phone, Librem 5, PostmarketOS and even Ubuntu Touch seems to be (unofficially) alive.

@ayo @fribbledom the most ironic thing is that finally, after canonical filanny abandoned ubuntu touch, it has got kind of production ready. I think I will buy some older phone just to install ubports and check, how it works :D

@alexcleac @ayo @fribbledom Nexus 5s are sub-$100 now, very tempting for Ubuntu Touch and pmOS

Maybe their timing was off. Maybe they had too much proprietary stuff in it for some people to take seriously.

I seriously want to have hope in future projects.


I know it won't see wide adoption at all but I'm still hyped to get my Purism 5 phone. I don't believe I can fully switch to it but I'm happy to try!

The idea of an open source OS phone is alluring.

@fribbledom I know some people who get twitchy about Ubuntu for a different reason.

Specifically, folks who worked for Mandriva and other desktop-oriented Linux distributes who still to this day hold a grudge against Canonical for what they viewed as unfair competition. (In particular doing a lot of what they saw as buying publicity, like having frequent sweepstakes to give people all expense paid trips to Linux conferences or what have you) that outfits without all that cash backing couldn't compete with.


I think the real interesting stuff is cropping up in the Maker area. The Raspberry Pi, instead of being a cute one-off, led the way toward a market for lightweight DIY electronics at cheap prices.

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