New US visa online application now requires you to enter all your social media presences when you apply for a visa:


Well, you may still have used it within the last five years, and - don't worry - they certainly got a backup of Google+ somewhere in Utah 😂


It used to be optional but apparently that changed today.

@drwho @djsumdog

@fribbledom @drwho @djsumdog @wxcafe thanks for doing it for me, I was too lazy to ask g00gle 😉

> no Mastodon
> no Pleroma
> no GNU Social
> Vine
> Google+
> MySpace

this is biased

Ugh, that rules me out of visiting :o
Not that I had concrete plans tho

@fribbledom I notice that Mastodon and MeWe are not in the list. I don't have a problem sharing my LinkedIn, as I'm probably traveling for business anyway, but the rest of the list is seriously intrusive. Also, how are they going to know if you leave one off the list?

@FASA_Andrew_1879 @fribbledom
In most cases, they don't care.
However, if you do something which gets their attention...

1. You do $X that gets their attention
2. Putting you in prison for doing $X, but it's difficult
3. They use their surveillence aparatus to find your socnets
4. They check your visa application. If you happen to omit one of the socnets, they can put you in prison for lying at customs, which saves them a lot of hassle.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 @fribbledom have a guess. They might have other sources to check against. :blobfearful:


This is one of the reasons why I never use my real name on social media. Au contraire, it's a good idea to have a profile and just place things the US would love. You know, follow all their popular trademarks, make your profile look healthy, and they will like you.

But that's only if you'd like a visa for the US...



And yet, while oppression grows, the UN does nothing. They talk, and talk, and talk, but they do nothing to help those suffering.

We're on our own here...

@fribbledom What would they say if you don't have any they list? Like Mastodon or diaspora*?


Probably that you deserve to go on the "extra-suspicious" list.

@fribbledom Good thing I am already an American citizen, so I don't have to get a visa. 😉 Otherwise I might get a notice that my visa was denied due to "lack of social media representation". 😂


if i don't tell them about my facebook account which isn't in my real name anyway, how can they tell?


You've probably get enough metadata links pointing to it. Besides claiming not to have a Facebook profile probably just puts you on the "extra-suspicious" list.

There is also the angle that if you don't list something and later it is discovered you may run afoul of non-disclosure.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @fribbledom
Of course, this is me talking a out something I don't know from another country altogether.

@fribbledom @kaniini Lol. Close your social network, apply, reopen once there. Not a big deal

@waltercool @fribbledom pretty sure they look you up with xkeyscore tbh

@kaniini @waltercool @fribbledom I do agree, this is why I wouldn't suggest using personal information on social networks.

I wouldn't trust on Google/Facebook/Twitter for privacy. Even if they claim enforcing privacy settings

@waltercool The text says “used” but it wants your handle. I’m not sure what that means if you delete that account and the handle isn’t yours anymore...

@caleb @waltercool I know, is fairly true Facebook can't be trusted, specially when they offered help to governments

So, before applying, keep your accounts hidden as possible like temporal close or renamed with info shuffled, do not declare them, get approval, reopen.

Even if some social networks may be impossible to disappear, you can make their life difficult trying to discover and find you.

Jokes on them I don't see anything decentralized on there

@fribbledom Does it force you to enter one?
And what if the social network is for example Mastodon?

@fribbledom So the day has finally come...

Really makes you wonder what this is supposed to be useful for. Let's assume it is not to check whether individuals are dangerous or involved in crimes because no one would be moronic enough to provide such incriminating info in an online visa form.

Also, assuming that the US govt isn't paying an army of people reading social media feeds of applicants, we can assume they just match it against an existing database of ranked user profiles...


Well, then all there forms would be null and void. This is a legal trick: if they can prove you lied on the form, it's a lot easier to handle your case.

reminds me that everyone should have multible fake profils.

@fribbledom Yikes. It's gotten so bad that the Canadian government's Office of the Privacy Commissioner has advised us to wipe our devices before going to the US, or to not take our phones and computers with us at all. Privacy and civil liberties orgs have been advising us to bring burner phones.

@fribbledom @brainblasted So what if people simply don't have social media presences?


That's fair enough, you'll go on the extra suspicious list.


@fribbledom freedom of speech, unless you're not a US citizen that is. And even then, better watch what you say!

And that is why I'm not going to America anytime soon 🤣

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