A fantastic curated list of open-source game clones:

@fribbledom That's great and I'm also amused how many of them feature the tag 'Playable' or 'Semi-Playable'.

(Mind, the one game clone I ever made petered out to a semi-playable nothing. But I was just doing that to get the faintest idea how the language worked.)

@fribbledom Awesome. Sadly the three games/engines I'm always looking for aren't on that list.

1. LEGO Games are my crack
2. Ratchet and Clank
3. Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic

Oh well, maybe some day, I'll have the bandwidth to create one. Maybe in Rust, but I have too many writing related goals for the rest of this decade.

@fribbledom if only maintainer would not reject a patch. :)

I tried some years ago.


Maybe give them another chance? They at least claim to be open to issues and PRs on GitHub.

@fribbledom @a1batross some stuff is ancient on this list. some stuff which is tagged as "new" is 6+ years old

@Khaosgrille @a1batross

Probably just means it's a recent addition to the list? At least that's how I understand it.

@fribbledom @a1batross well the github page seems active. gives me hope for the page

@fribbledom great list! I'm not into games, but it's nice to have such a resource to show it to friends-gamers from time to time. :)

@fribbledom i love Abuse and OpenTTD. Other entries are also nice.

@fribbledom I learned about devilutionX from this list, and I must say it’s incredibly smooth sailing. Finally had a chance to play Diablo without any weird quirks, natively on GNU+Linux.

Thanks a bunch for sharing!

@fribbledom I was going to say about openhorizon, "Of all the Ace Combat games to reimplement, you picked probably the worst one?"

But apparently it reimplements a number of Ace Combat games, not just Assault Horizon. XD


One of the better sites when it comes to find source-ports.

@fribbledom holy crap an open source Ace Combat clone.

Sure, it's Assault Horizon based, but I'll still give it a whirl

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