A fantastic curated list of open-source game clones:

@fribbledom That's great and I'm also amused how many of them feature the tag 'Playable' or 'Semi-Playable'.

(Mind, the one game clone I ever made petered out to a semi-playable nothing. But I was just doing that to get the faintest idea how the language worked.)

@fribbledom Awesome. Sadly the three games/engines I'm always looking for aren't on that list.

1. LEGO Games are my crack
2. Ratchet and Clank
3. Sentinel Worlds 1: Future Magic

Oh well, maybe some day, I'll have the bandwidth to create one. Maybe in Rust, but I have too many writing related goals for the rest of this decade.

@fribbledom great list! I'm not into games, but it's nice to have such a resource to show it to friends-gamers from time to time. :)

@fribbledom I learned about devilutionX from this list, and I must say it’s incredibly smooth sailing. Finally had a chance to play Diablo without any weird quirks, natively on GNU+Linux.

Thanks a bunch for sharing!

@fribbledom I was going to say about openhorizon, "Of all the Ace Combat games to reimplement, you picked probably the worst one?"

But apparently it reimplements a number of Ace Combat games, not just Assault Horizon. XD

@fribbledom holy crap an open source Ace Combat clone.

Sure, it's Assault Horizon based, but I'll still give it a whirl

@fribbledom it's great!
It was funny to see "original" games which actually cloned older ones, like "AoE" cloning Civ, "Arkanoid" cloning Breakout, etc. It's interesting to see the evolution of those games, game ideas.

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