I think today marks the day I've received my first ever racist & homophobic reply on the fediverse.

On the one hand it's impressive it actually took more than a year for it to happen, on the other hand it's just mind-blowing what fucked-up reactions a simple photo of a pink park bench can provoke in some people. 🙄

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@fribbledom wow I'm really sorry that happened :( it shouldn't happen ever and that bench is great

@fribbledom You are a fucking white cis male

Well, people can be totally dumb sometimes


Nope, about to report it though. If you can't see it, maybe this particular user/instance is already blocked by

@fribbledom If so send it to me in a private/direct message. I'm all sorts of curious now.

@fribbledom @jordan31 hmm yeah unless missing it, seems can't see it from here either.

@fribbledom @jordan31

i can't see it either. i'm not particularly interested in what they thought they had to say, but i've been looking at the toots i can see and trying to work out which one is racist and homophobic.

@fribbledom there's... several.. not so nice comments on that bench post


Wow, now I'm curious what replies I'm not getting to see here. I only see one clearly offensive reply.

@fribbledom maybe I'm more sensitive, or it's that I don't have any instances blocked, not sure.. I'm not going to screencap it

@flussence @fribbledom Are you not interested in figuring out the reasoning that drove the antigays?

@byllgrim I don't care. They didn't reason themselves into that position in the first place. Reason isn't going to fix them.

@fribbledom man I'm grateful my instance is good cause I can't see them 😣 I'm sorry you're dealing with that shit

@fribbledom *opens in browser and looks*

Wow both homophobia and antisemitism in one go. Damn.

@byllgrim @fribbledom admin is on their shit and silences or bans bad actors/instances

@scoots @fribbledom Oh... Sorry, but I'm a bit disappointed that your description of "good" is "removes bad". It's almost circular

@byllgrim sorry my not wanting to see antisemitism and homophobia is disappointing

@scoots What? That is not the thing that I said I was disappointed about! I don't think you are accurately representing what I said.

@fribbledom Wow, I'm not sure whether I already had that jackass blocked or whether my instance defederated with his, but I'm sure not complaining

@fribbledom unfortunately it pretty much being an autoparody doesn't help..

I mean, yeah, if you're in an echo chamber, it's going to be very unlikely to come across things you don't like. It's pretty much the modern filter-bubble style of the web, but it shouldn't be representative of the fediverse.

@fribbledom dude I've been chatting with some of the freespeechextremists lately. They say things like: homosexuality is consequence of having a shitty family; the majority of child molestations are done by homosexuals; social cohesion and family values are destroyed by homosexuals therefore causing suffering to society's citizens.

@byllgrim @fribbledom they are fucking shitheads who just hate gays who just will find any excuse to do so

@scoots @fribbledom No. There's way more to it than that! I think the kinds of phenomenon related to this topic could be used to gain some insight into "human nature". It's very fascinating to try and figure out how they reason, and how people in general reason.

Reported and domain-blocked the asshole. Also, boosted the bench. If I could, I'd make it the most famous fucking bench in the whole Fediverse. We should call it, the Freedom Bench. Just to piss off all the co-opters of freedoms everywhere.

@byllgrim @fribbledom HAH, good catch. Co-opt appears to be entirely the wrong word to use. There is a word that sounds similar, but which is synonymous with "steal" or "subjugate". For the life of me, I can't think of what it is right now.

Haven't got any antisemetic comments yes. But I know they are on the way. The big commercial social networks automatically block them but some times one slips through.

What makes we really sad is that there is a company that I really want to work for, but I know I have no chance of getting hired because of my religion.


When you're such a twat you get "triggered" by a pink park-bench. :pinkdragnmelt:​

@fribbledom Curiously until you linked the instance I could not see that, and I don't think I have that instance blocked. I wonder why that's happened.

I assume the comment has been removed?  I followed the link and didn't see anything hateful.  Maybe the splinters comment?

Maybe I'm just missing some context.
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