Year Progress:

▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░ 51%

@fribbledom I kinda want to build a "progress clock" that shows the time/date as a collection of progress bars :blobthinkingeyes:


@Khaosgrille @fribbledom sounds like a wonderful way to enhance my daily anxiety :blobcatsip:

@polychrome @fribbledom it puts things into perspective. another day wasted? not only but also 0.0002%of ur lif. and i think i am currently at 28% or so

@fribbledom yas, my birthday be coming, muesliiii
@fribbledom also I know you're not a shitposter but I'd be grateful if I could set an alarm for 69%

@YearProgress ;)

(Unfortunately the bot still has a few issues because go-mastodon isn't working as expected, I always get invalid_grant after a few days)

@KopfKrieg @YearProgress

Hah, nice!

Is this open source? How do you auth with go-mastodon?

Maybe file a bug with go-mastodon. Using this library and contributing to it myself, I may look into it eventually.

Yep, it's open source (link can also be found on the profile page of the @YearProgress bot):

We're using username and password for authentication, but it's not optimal. It seems like go-mastodon lacks a better auth mechanism (and also doesn't export the access token, which is weird and would help a lot here), but we're working on it.

@KopfKrieg @YearProgress

Oh, but it does! Check out initClient() in my little project statootstics:

Let me know if there's anything I can help with!

@KopfKrieg @YearProgress

You know what's weird: I can see all the bot's posts on, but not when I check out the profile on :thaenkin:

@fribbledom That's actually a "feature" of mastodon. Mastodon instances only fetch/cache all the posts after the instance knows about an account (and maybe one of the instance's users has to follow the [remote] account, not sure on that).

Tl;dr: You'll only see new toots, not the old ones on To see everything ever posted by an account you have to open it via the account's instance.

Since both use the same protocol, maybe it's related to this? Or maybe it's just easier to implement :)


That sounds reasonable, but doesn't explain why I only see one old toot and none of the newer ones. I also don't see the metadata changes you made to the account in the meantime.

Still confused 😂


I wonder, does federation stop again, once there are no more followers from a particular instance?

Started following this bot now, we'll see if that triggers future updates.

@fribbledom If an account has no more followers the server probably stops fetching new posts, but I'm not sure on that.

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