You don't have to read the entire patent application, just search for "sorry":


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@fribbledom @qbi now I wonder is that a copy-paste error or the actually funny kind of patent troll?

@qbi @gilgwath @fribbledom

I guess that this has been dictated into some kind of software or has been given out to a transcription service and went unnoticed.

@fribbledom @qbi Can someone please paste a screenshot of this paragraph? 🙂

@Kajo @fribbledom @qbi

...408 works with a relay in a known manner I'm sorry babe, but I may actually have to be here late. I've got to get this patent application filed today. Thankfully, Traci is willing to stay late to help me get it done.

A first wiring harness 416, shown in FIG. 15, may ...

OCR Output (chars: 769) 

@fribbledom @qbi Yeah, right, he'll be late at home for his babe but Traci is there to help him to get through those tough times :D

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