"Is it Windows Vista bad? Is it iPhone4 bad?! Don't tell me this is Zune bad!"

"I'm sorry, it is Apple Maps bad."



Apple Maps is not "bad", it's actually quite good, in a 2006-2007 way (if you see what I mean).

It's just that Google Maps is SO MUCH BETTER that it crushes the competition.


I agree. I actually found it quite interesting to compare the two on a vacation in California, back when Apple Maps just launched... in 2012/2013 or whenever it was.

@fribbledom Apple maps is better in some places, Google is better in other places ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@fribbledom I usually prefer Apple Maps or 3rd party products (eg of RV-ing there’s “CoPilot” which works offline) because privacy

@thomasfuchs @fribbledom

I would NOT use Apple Maps while driving. In that respect Google Maps is way way way above apple for anything that involves driving.

I do use Apple Maps when I need a quick search like "shoot, where is that place again?" for the same reasons you mentioned (privacy, etc).

@thomasfuchs @fribbledom I have found OpenStreetMap to have better coverage. Specially when it comes to less populated or remote areas. Big G and fancy A are doing business so I would say they tend to prioritize popular locations, not to mention that for example certain countries are completely out of their radars (middle East or Asian countries, for example). Local people contribute amazing small things like footpaths and wonderful hiking routes to OSM that capitalism has no interest in.

@thomasfuchs @fribbledom oh, and an example which hits close to me: even in Europe, some remote areas e.g. in Nordic countries where population is spread out, OSM has even small dirt roads in the middle of forests which finish in dead ends and cross hamlets with a couple of houses. Good luck finding many of those in other mapping solutions. Also most apps using OSM data have offline-first as a principle, which coincidentally happens to be a life saver in such places.

@fribbledom love this show, however, couldn't manage to watch it to the end even once 😂


It's still running, isn't it? 5 season so far, apparently the final and sixth season is scheduled to premiere in late 2019.

@fribbledom really? I meant then that I've never got to an end of fifth season 😂

@fribbledom Apple Maps has gotten so much better over the years. Its' all I use now. I actually get more frustrated trying to use Google Maps. There are still some features that AM lacks but it works well 99.9% of the time I use it.

I read that OSM was already mentioned as an alternative but there's also Here Maps (or "Here we go" as the app is called). They're surprisingly good for navigation (pedestrian, car and public transport) and have awesome offline capability. They don't, however, come even close to google maps when it comes to finding a bakery or movie theatre or other buisnesses.

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