ME: "Ok, that's everything, here we go"

*turns dishwasher on*
*turns around*

TEASPOON: Dude, you're not gonna believe this!

@fribbledom Thankfully you can still open a dishwasher to put something in last minute, that so much unlike the washing machine. :P

@trinsec @fribbledom You can actually even do that with some washing machines (at least the one we have).

@sct_0 @fribbledom You mean those new ones with an extra door on its door to add last minute additions you forgot? Yeah, don't have those!

@trinsec @fribbledom
No...I just mean a standard washing machine that you can pause via the start-button and if it isn't completely full yet, it unlocks the door for you to refill.
Our model isn't particularly fancy (students here, no money for the fancy stuff).

@trinsec @fribbledom
("Completely full" is an unfitting phrase.
I mean filled low enough with water, so that no water flows out when you open the door. I'm not sure if it would pump water out if it was fuller, never had that situation.)

@sct_0 @fribbledom I can only open this darn thing when it's done with its programme. Pause means exactly that... pause the programme. Takes longer for me to be able to open the door then! :D

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