First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

@fribbledom James Veitch? or was he quoting someone else already?


That's a good question. As you probably know, I always try to credit the source of a quote, but in this case it's something I've scribbled down in a notebook a few years ago and I honestly have no idea if I came up with it or it's something I picked up elsewhere.

@fribbledom for me it reminds me of Veitch's ted talks on dealing with spam (maybe the one about a market chain)

@fribbledom @314
I think the quote is simple enough that you could've came up with it independently.

It wasn't, meant that way.

It's not uncommon for simple truths about universe to stay unknown for centuries. And it's not uncommon for multiple great minds to discover them independently, when the right time comes.

Or simply put, great minds think alike.
@byllgrim @314

@Wolf480pl @fribbledom @314
Sorry, didn't mean to perturb. I just found it comical and liked it 😅


@fribbledom The wisdom of the whole world in our fingertips. And how do we use it?

Oh look, a cute cat!

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