Did you know?

Mars is the only known planet completely inhabited by robots.


@fribbledom why does the fermi reasoning on this feel so different for "life" >_>

@fribbledom There are robots on Venus but they are... not at their best.

@InvaderXan @anne I think we are going to send it a toy plane. Or possibly a boat.

@InvaderXan but at least it has all the crème brûlée it can eat. And they're sending it a friend!

@InvaderXan @anne SpaceX for interplanetary probes NOT space tourism.

Probably replace the second stage with a hydrogen burning one.

@fribbledom A while back I read that the instruments those robots have to look for life turned out to have a design flaw that caused them to exterminate life instead detecting it. Sort of an accidental Tan Ru.

@fribbledom When humans land on Mars we gonna have a proof of no intelligent life on mars.

(Stolen from movie "Mission to Mars")

@sirspate @fribbledom less than you’d think! very few things can survive the conditions we put the mars rovers through and NASA tries to keep stuff very clean, to avoid accidental cross-contamination

If any earth bacteria could survive on mars, it almost likely would’ve been there before we even sent anything - mars and earth have traded pieces of each other via astroid strikes a fair number of times

@Satsuma OTOH, viable bacteria were found in cables from the camera removed from the Surveyor spacecraft visited by Apollo 12 which had been sterilised then left on the Moon for a while. @sirspate @fribbledom

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