The problem with your code is that it's doing exactly what you told it to do.

@fribbledom Wiring allegory: If it ain't working like it should, it ain't wired like it's supposed to be'

@Motodrachen @fribbledom Poorly defined terminals on my school's pneumatic DCVs left my team in confusion a few times! :blobcatcoffee:

@fribbledom But I want to complain about the compiler or how the code's behaviour is illogical!

@fribbledom Compiler/interpreter bugs, OS bugs, hardware bugs, etc. are very rare. However, they do happen. But much more common is that you are saying the wrong thing.

@fribbledom pff someone's never thrown anything at a wall because there's a bug in the language itself =P

@fribbledom Ha! Except in the case of compiler bugs, anyway. :)

@fribbledom I feel extremely called out by this statement. and it's probably good to remember.

@fribbledom I can't remember how many times I screamed into the void “Do what I meant, not what I said!”

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