10x engineers are a stupid myth.

There's just 1x engineers and 0.1x engineers.

@fribbledom Maybe it's like 10x oscilloscope probes, where they actually attenuate by a factor of ten and the 10x means you need to multiply the results by ten.

@fribbledom There are people who write maintainable, reliable code, and there are people who push prototypes into prod, yell "done is better than perfect!" and leave others to clean up their mess.

@fribbledom Not that I don't believe done is better than perfect or in getting code into users' hands quickly since there's no better way to know how people will use it or how it will behave in reality, but being able to evolve it from that phase to a system that can be maintained and further evolved over the long term is at least as important as being able to ship v1.

@freakazoid @fribbledom

Yep. Plus the dev who delivers shit then stays up 'til 3am fixing a production problem is a hero while the dev just writes solid code in the first place doesn't stand out.

@mkb @fribbledom Not always. "This person works really hard" was often treated as an indication of a performance issue in Google perf reviews.

@mkb @fribbledom It was rare enough that it's hard to say anything definitive about it, but I think that in general you have to consider it a problem to achieve results through long hours if you want to be able to create reliable services without having to feed them human blood. Otherwise things will always tend to drift toward people overworking themselves, which leads to bad decisions, low-quality code, and burnout.

@freakazoid @fribbledom Agree strongly. I was that view was more widespread.

The really frustrating part is we supposedly pride ourselves on being logical and empirical but much of the industry chooses to ignore mountains of research on work hours.

10x engineers 

10x engineers 

10x engineers 

@fribbledom it's seems a wee bit pompous to declare it like that tbh. There are engineers who have not yet figured out how to use their full potential. And there's people who are better suited to do something else, sure. But I don't think some engineers are inherently ineffective.

Maybe that's just my reading though.

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