"Windows NT addresses 2 Gigabytes of RAM which is more than any application will ever need" — Microsoft, 1992

I can hear my browser process scream with laughter.

@fribbledom ok but trust me on this one

you'll never need more than 32GB of ram
@fribbledom really?
For your personal machines or servers / whatever ?

and tbh
it's probably just because of shitty software :blobshrug:


Of course it is 😆

I got a couple of electron apps open. Slack and Wire alone use ~10GB. It must be Stockholm Syndrome.

@fribbledom The "640k ought to be enough for anyone" of the 2010s.

@fribbledom Though, Firefox (for me) doesn't eat up much. I've got a bunch of stuff open and...

@fribbledom Gates says he never said that 640K would be enough for everyone, for instance.

@fribbledom %s/my browser process/each of my 15 browser processes/g

Who said that?

Because machines with that much RAM were already available in 1995. Which is why Windows NT 4.0 (1996) had a switch to change the userspace/kernel boundary from 2GB/2GB to 3GB/1GB on 32 Bit machines (Windows NT also ran on several 64 Bit machines where this was not a problem).

@Sturmflut @fribbledom Although it still ran with 32-bit assumptions on those 64-bit platforms.

(IIRC there were ways to use address space above the usual boundary on DEC Alpha, but they were hackish.)

@fribbledom I'm still trying to figure out what we did with the 640K

@rafial @fribbledom The original 4k-16k machines were hard to live with, but I always did fine with 48k, a 64k upgrade was ridiculously roomy. Extra space is what floppies are for.

@fribbledom At 24 GB now, probably going to upgrade to 32 with the next laptop. Though to be fair, I could have 40 in this one.

@fribbledom Well, it did/does have virtual memory and a page file. And our target was that size. But as the co-creator Of VAX/VMS said: "Even a virtual memory system needs real memory" ;)

I remember when VAX/VMS ran in 256K. But we were younger then ;)

What browser, on its own, needs more than 2GB? Are you running a bajillion tabs at once? 🤣


Newsflash: it's 2019 and I have single browser tabs that occupy more than 2GB of RAM.

Huh, news to me. I didn't think browsers drained that heavily. I knew it was a lot, but 2gb to me is huge. Usually takes me two or three tabs to get that high.

Oh, you're doing something I've never heard of, that explains it 😅

@fribbledom we've been there before. 640k was it first! ;-) Now I'd have hard time to find anything fitting into 640k from micro$oft. (Regardless whether Gates actully said that or not.)
And we all know from '77 that _"There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home."_

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