This is actually me extracting the time-series data of a Wacom Smart Pen (Bamboo Folio) in and then rendering it as an animated GIF (as well as SVGs and PNGs).

@fribbledom Might wanna make an app of it. I'd love to be able to write "Please fuck off" as an animated gif. Has that special personal touch.



Yeah, I'll push this to GitHub and toot about it, rather sooner than later.

@fribbledom @r000t how satisfied are you with the Bamboo Folio? How would you rate its accuracy?


Very much satisfied so far. Until now I have been syncing via the Android app, which isn't bad, but a bit annoying.

Of course now that I finally got my own syncing daemon running on Linux, it's just gotten even better 😆

That enables me to do a bunch of neat things, like supporting multiple (virtual) colors, automatic page merging and stuff like that.


@fribbledom @r000t wow amazing! Is that daemon open source? ^_^
I'm thinking about getting one and using it for lecture notes.
@fribbledom I am not sure what I was expecting from that video! Good morning to you too!

I want to stay in bed....
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