Playing with 3D-printed fabrics. Feels really weird & funny but pleasant in the hands.


It is printed in place as a chain-mail, indeed!

@fribbledom that looks more like a chainmail than anything else, atm. still very cool!

@fribbledom really impressive ! what's the trick that makes it possible to print all of this in one place ?

@fribbledom Thats really neat - there are even a interconactable version of it to make wearable cloths out of it:

@fribbledom Did it come out of the printer like that, or is there some assembly required?

@fribbledom did you print all in one go, or is it multiple pieces assembled?

@fribbledom makes me wonder whether Nylon (et al) are all just 3D printed fabrics too, just we didn't have the name for the whole process yet? Ok it isn't made on one machine afaik...or is it?

@acesabe Nylon/polyester/etc are not exactly 3d printed. It is more like they are extruded into really thin filaments which are woven into fabric on a different machine.

But you probably could "weave" it with #3DPrinting by printing alternating patterns of single strand lines and allowing the layers to cool enough in between so they don't adhere into a solid piece :blobthinkingcool:


Yeah I'd thinks so, just wondering if there are any production tricks being missed here or not!
@msh @fribbledom


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