Theme of the night: helping out other projects wherever I can. That's 21 pull requests for today 🎉

I'll probably keep going for another hour or two. Got a project waiting for a review? Don't hesitate and say hello 😊

@fribbledom while you're feeling generous, I'll ask you about my one experience writing in #golang.
I write PHP and Javascript for a living. My first golang script felt more like Javascript (in that everything went into a single file) than it felt like PHP (where everything is nicely structured into class files). Is this normal for golang, or can I chop stuff up?
Repo here: - I'm sure there's lots of mistakes you could help me fix, but I'm mostly interested in structure.



You usually divide your code by functionality / types into various files within a directory.

That entire directory forms a package, which then can get included as a whole by other packages ("import ...")

It's not uncommon that a single library or app consists of a bunch of packages, so you can divide it up further.

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