"Wrong turns on the path to success are not failures, they are simply iterations. Both science and art are iterative processes that include wrong turns. And those wrong turns aren't outliers, they are part of that process"

-- Adam Savage

@fribbledom Much more people simply pass away in the process, without their sayings going viral, I suppose. OTOH, I honestly want to believe this, just can't confirm.

"Wrong turns" as in "exploratory paths"? They are only called "wrong" in retrospect, when it's discovered that they weren't the shortest way to the pot of gold. But the pot wouldn't be found without exploration.

@fribbledom even better would be without the concept of success or failure, but only iterations, starting from nothing, going nowhere


I prefer to think of it as archery.

Hitting the ground near the target is your first step towards hitting a bullseye eventually.

And when you hit the ring just out of the bullseye, that is too.


Of course, that's not "archery" under duress, in combat, special conditions. And when you train past the basics of how to get from "closest failure" to "almost regular nonfailures" you set up another target, you stand between, and you see how fast you can get two nonfailures.

And then a third.

And then a fourth.

The world is full of complexity. One can literally learn for their entire life, if they want to learn and they can.

But it's all one step -- one arrow, at the start.

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