Star Trek: Picard - Official Teaser:

Dear lord, do I adore Patrick Stewart's voice.

Goosebumps, I have so high expectations that I'm afraid to be disappointed. But I'm SO willing to take the risk

@signaleleven @fribbledom My feelings exactly. I SO want this to succeed, but there's a lot that can be done wrong, I fear. Things tend to get better in our memories the longer they are past, and TNG was great to begin with. So, very high expectations to meet. OTOH, Patrick Stewart is still a great actor and I'd think he would not have agreed to play Picard in a series that wouldn't do justice to the original. I can't wait to see the result.

@fnord @fribbledom yes, I also considered Patrick Stewart's commitment to be a "seal of quality".

But in the end, I'm enjoying Discovery, so my standards are not that high (given the widespread criticism). It'll be fine.

@signaleleven @fribbledom The key to enjoying Discovery is not expecting it to be like Start Trek, IMO. I had a hard time with it at first, but once I started to think of it as "only loosely based on Star Trek" it really wasn't all that bad.


That's pretty much what I said before: had they decided not to call this Star Trek, I would have enjoyed it a lot more!


@fribbledom @fnord I found that the second season did a lot to address that criticism. They chose to start both seasons with a big epic that allowed them some freedom to capture non trek fans, but now they are "reeling them in" and the second season was better.
I disagree with it being better if it wasn't called star trek. I'd have felt even less connection to it, and many of the universe constraints (regularly bent or broken, but yeah) would have felt arbitrary.

@signaleleven @fribbledom I've only seen the first season yet (currently bingeing DS9 again), looking forward to S02 then. 🙂

@signaleleven @fribbledom The Orville, OTOH, despite not being Star Trek, felt much more like it than Discovery. That series was a very pleasant surprise, and I really love it.
On top of that, it's really heartwarming to see that Seth McFarlane is obviously a great Star Trek fan, and his creation is honored with so many cameos of Star Trek actors that approve.

@fnord @fribbledom I heard many good things about the Orville, it's just not in any of the streaming platforms I have (except amz prime where it costs extra). I will definitely try to watch it at some point.

@fribbledom But where is the crew? There is Seven of Nine and Data, but no one else I recognize.


Well could be interesting because this could potentially be a series where we get to know a bit what happened after the dominion war.

Is that the young Discovery-era Spock? Interesting.

@fribbledom thank you for that. I had to link to the London VPN endpoint because they put a geo-filter on it. LOL. But wow, what a teaser!

@Wetrix @fribbledom I love the sign at 1:03 'This facility has gone 5843 days without an assimilation'

@fribbledom Patrick Stewart there with some extremely shiny young people.

@fribbledom About time they continued with the old timeline :blobcatcry:

@fribbledom i once read someone describe it as ‘thunder dipped in honey’ and my god, if that isn’t accurate.

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