@fribbledom i have a 3d printer since two days ^^

its awesome (and sometimes a little bit tricky to get good results XD)
@fribbledom ender-5 ^^

had at first small problems with the bed leveling, but the last two pieces turned out great XD


Yeah, bed leveling can be tricky 😆

Unless you wanna pick up a sensor, I can highly recommend getting a cheap feeler gauge, which makes it a lot easier to consistently level your bed.

@fribbledom oh this is good tip. currently i do at a start of a print via visual estimate XD

if i get one.. how much spacing should the nossle and the bed have?


Somewhere between 0.1mm and 0.2mm is what I usually go for. Depends a tiny bit on your filament and general bed adhesion, too, but that's the ballpark figure.

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