20 years ago: I wanna live in the big city!

10 years ago: Maybe somewhere on the outskirts will do?

today: Do they have a cabin in the woods with high-speed Internet?

@fribbledom I want to create another account just so I can fave this again.

@fribbledom I live on the outskirts of a town, so that pretty much counts as the last

@fribbledom I live in the capital city of a small province. I found it a nice level of small and flat, but it has been growing lately and I'd like to get out.

@fribbledom I can relate, especially since I'm into mountain biking and I'd like to live closer to the trails
on the other hand having electronics stores close to home is very convenient

@fribbledom Exactly the same feeling that I have. Right now I actually do live as far away as possible, but since I live in Singapore, even the most remote of places (with good Internet) is really what would be labelled outskirts in most other places.

@fribbledom Coming up: when will I have enough money to get rid of this damned Internet thing?

@fribbledom I laughed so hard reading this because it's me to the letter 😂😂

As a kid I wanted to live in the city, now I just want to live some where far away from the rest of the world's 💩

Just leave me alone with my own place on a remote farm, the internet and my dog and the world would never hear from me again 🐶🐾🏡😂

@fribbledom The truth is that not living in a city is only an improvement if you're really poor or really wealthy.

@fribbledom my long term plan is to build a tiny house in the woods, near a stream and become a hermit.

@fribbledom I have the next best thing, I live in a small village of 50-60 household, <1 hour to the 2nd largest city in Denmark. It is good. :flan_cool:

@fribbledom I was looking for a story about an island in Scotland where you have to wait at the dock with binoculars if you're expecting a guest. I couldn't find it, but I found this from 2014:

@fribbledom Is there an island somewhere and I could get satellite service? :)

@fribbledom as we were canoeing the other day, we saw a cabin up on a cliff from the river and someone asked if I could live there. I said I could if there was good wifi. The response? "You're such a millennial"

@fribbledom i'm almost at

tomorrow: i can live without internet...

@fribbledom I'm on the outskirts now.

I bought the cabin in the woods, but got reeled back to the city before I could get the internet installed.

@fribbledom I've lived in that cabin in the woods. Not only is the best internet you can get infuriatingly slow, the stores are so far away you have to be gone at least a couple of hours if you need groceries, so you end up planning out ways of only going once a month or so, which means it takes all day because you need to buy more stuff.

@fribbledom yes they do! I live on a farm in fuckoff nowhere and our internet is officially faster than most of my friends in the burbs because we got a rural access grant :V

Of course, it’s CenturyLink fiber, so it kind of sucks anyways!

@fribbledom Even small cities are too much for me, I wish tech could grow from trees so I could leave society this instant

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