I have a label printer now and I'm enjoying this way too much. This is probably gonna end badly.

@fribbledom cut to a slow pan, showing a disheveled house filled with items, each carefully labeled and barcoded

@fribbledom Programming a label printer sounds like it could get anyone into trouble. :-P

@fribbledom That's how I feel about my new remote controlled light bulbs

@fribbledom These Ikea things. Pricy compared to the good old incandescent bulbs I always swore by, but it was all worth it.

@futzle I was going to make this exact joke, and then it occurred to me that I’d better scroll the replies. 🙂

@fribbledom There is a light in my brothers room that is now simply referred to as ""hot dog" due to my brother enjoying a label maker way too much. The odds of this ending spectacularly far outweigh the risk of disaster. Embrace it, friend.

@fribbledom Yessssss, label printers are so wonderful :)

@fribbledom you’re gonna find ALLLLLL the ways to use it. I even made return address labels just because I could.

@fribbledom Take it with you for travels and label the world with "@fribbledom was here"

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