scratchy lets you quickly bootstrap a Linux distro in a (non-Docker) container and interactively execute something in it:

Currently supports bootstrapping Arch, but it's super easy to add more scripts for other distros! Contributions always welcome!

... and a big thank you to @lizrice / @lizrice for her fantastic containers-from-scratch talks!

@fribbledom debootstrap is a bash script, if that makes any difference.


Yeah, supporting Debian should be fairly straight forward!

@fribbledom @lizrice @lizrice She’s done some great live coding sessions that I’ve recommended on multiple occasions to get people out of the “containers are docker” mindset.

Personally I learned via podman and many LWN articles, but seeing a working concept built up from nothing in under 90 minutes still left me impressed!

@fribbledom interested to understand the use case(s) for that versus Docker.


Doesn't require a daemon to run, doesn't require you to pre-build images. Re-uses the same network interface, lets you use arbitrary folders as root and persists data in it. Let's Xwindow apps easily connect to your running display server.

I use it to build & test new projects & distros I want to check out, preventing polluting my filesystem and giving me (minimal, but fairly effective for stupid mistakes & simple attacks) system isolation.

@fribbledom interesting.

Is running a daemon and prebuilding an image an issue? Building a Docker container from an existing directory is trivial, in my experience.

Sounds like an interesting evolution, although it's an idea that's been around for decades to be fair.


Yeah, it's not exactly rocket science. Setting up the minimal container environment is probably less than 50 lines of .

@fribbledom nice! I hadn't realised it was that easy.

I'll give it a try! (Does it use Viper? ... just kidding)

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