Does anyone know of a (curated) list of URLs of public EFA APIs (public transport)?

Do you know one for your own city maybe?

Please send them my way, I'm collecting them for an open-source project that lets you query public transport stops, timetables & routes:

I mean... unless you really wanna disappoint this cute little gopher?! 😆

@fribbledom uh, is that an eagle on the hat? A "trains run on time" eagle?


Uh, no, certainly not. If that's the impression people get, we should probably change it.

@fribbledom @csravens
I must admit that it looks quite close *aarghh* 😳


It's a piece of software from a German company that many cities deploy to make their public transport information accessible over the net.

@fribbledom You've head of Google's GTFS? Many public transport agencies produce it for integrating with Maps, and some make their feed public. Maybe be possible to translate?

DDG'ing the acronym turns up a bunch and Google's "" page lists a heap.

@fribbledom This sounds like a cool project! While we are at it, note that the public weather datasets and streams are usually free as well (NOAA, DWD, to name a few). Yet a great number FOSS weather apps seems not to know about those, and nobody tried yet to collate the feeds, or create a convenient API?

@fribbledom Been meaning to look into this stuff for a while but maybe something of interest starting with:


I take it you are familiar with Transportr?

I have no list of APIs, but I believe they would need to have one.

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