Oh noes! Where am I gonna store all my kids now?!

@fribbledom Not in the freezer nor the microwave ... Maybe the washing machine ? 🤔
Don't put it on ...

@fribbledom They didn't see that episode in "Eerie Pennsylvania" did they?

@fribbledom oh, you misunderstood. it's not allowed to leave the lid open with the baby inside! you must close it


I think they just want you to make sure the lid is securely latched shut, so the infant cannot escape.

@fribbledom uh, I know if’s kiiinda funny, until you think about it and realise that warning must be fhere because fhat actually happened.


Sorry that made you sad.

And I'm sure you're right and there are people suffocating somewhere every day. I'm just not sure such labels help against people doing stupid things. Otherwise we should probably start putting them on every plastic bag out there.

@fribbledom i have no comment about the effectiveness of warning labels, just the taking amusement from dead babies thing.


Just to set this straight: I'm in no way taking amusement from dead babies, I'm taking amusement from silly labels here.

@fribbledom look, i giggled too. it’s just i’ve reached an age where I’ve experienced some things, and seen some shit, - i’m kinda dumb so it took me a second but there’s probably some very sad parents. and there might be parents who have lost children here who see your post, and what will they make of it?

@fribbledom i don’t like being the fun police here, i am just trying to think of others.

@fribbledom Image search proposes cardboxes. The kids seem pretty happy with it, too. :-)

@fribbledom obviously it's to indicate you need a bigger box if the head sticks out!


Pretty much what it depicts on the label: a box.

I was going to say to try the ____, but there's so much child abuse these days, it almost hurts to joke about it.

I wasn't offended by your post BTW. It was cute.


Heh, it wasn't meant to offend anyone, either. It really just made me giggle and wonder how far we've come. We'll need those labels on pretty much anything that's baby-sized, I guess.

Yeah, you're right on there, I've seen some weird labels like that as well. Sign of common sense fleeing from our world, looks like.


I guess. On a side note: storing pets in these boxes is still fine, right? I mean, otherwise they clearly would have put another label on the box.

Man, I think you're on to something nobody ever thought about.

Could buy them in bulk and resell them as pet storage boxes.

@fribbledom looks like you are storing sharp objects in there anyway. That would be unsafe.

@fribbledom Kids expire right after birth, you can tell from the smell. They are out of the pack, they are ruined.

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