When PHP is your screwdriver, everything looks like a nail.

@fribbledom ok that almost made sense except php 7 + composer is good

@fribbledom When JavaScript is your shovel, better take a rope with you.

@fribbledom Oh I remember my PHP days ^^ It was the wild wild west.

@worp @fribbledom

i still love php for a general scripting language. i can mock up stuff quickly without assistance.

@worp @fribbledom

...and there's lot's of legacy work. wordpress still runs much of the planet.

@sillystring @worp @fribbledom I'll be honest, I kinda liked PHP for small site projects.

@polychrome @sillystring @fribbledom Every time I code PHP I feel like "it's going well. But somehow I feel it could be more exciting with something else".

@chebra @polychrome @sillystring @fribbledom Oh I am loving this, this is just great xD I am forwarding this to our frontend dep.

@worp @polychrome @sillystring @fribbledom
I'm still looking for that one example I saw some time ago but in the meantime, have you ever tried "console.log(typeof NaN);" (oops, it was already mentioned, never mind)

@worp @polychrome @sillystring @fribbledom
Found it - ok, now we all know that '5' + 3 is '53' and '5' - 3 is 2, logical. But let's play with it a little bit:

> '5' + + '5'
< "55"

> 'foo' + + 'foo'

> '5' + - '2'
< "5-2"

> '5' + - + - - + - - + + - + - + - + - - - '-2'
< "52"

no problemo

@sillystring @fribbledom I can dig that. And I can also dig that there's work in PHP. Just looking for something more challenging.
I have no doubt built some nice things on PHP.

@fribbledom like you’ve never hammered something using the handle of a screwdriver :P

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