That last toot apparently made several people unfollow me ๐Ÿค”

Is it that you people love Perl that much or that you hate it so much, you can't even stand seeing it in a toot? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Yeah yeah, I get it, it probably just looked like literal garbage to most people... OH.

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@fribbledom In this time and cultural context, i wouldn't discard someone thought perl code is either offensive or a shitpost lol

@fribbledom I'm a perl5 guy, I'd *never* program anything quite so ugly! My perl code actually looks like it came from some C guy--because it did. :) But seriously, unless one is using an ancient assembler or something as awful, unreadable code is the programmer's fault, not the language's.

@fribbledom Wait how are you figuring out that people are unfollowing you? Back when I used Twitter I had to use some assholeโ€™s web app for that, and itโ€™d just compare lists from day to day.


I'm not tracking (nor am interested in) who's unfollowing me, I just saw my follower-count on my profile drop.

Maybe some anti spam bots detect code as malicious or something? Or that you were hacked?

@fribbledom possibly if you had used "when perl is your hammer" as a CW, it might have saved some eyes. X,x

@fribbledom Any sufficiently advanced Perl script is indistinguishable from line noise.

i was thinking of running it
(as a former perl programmer)

but perl is toxic to many
(TMTOWTDI is a great thought to keep in mind as you experience ups and downs of being alive; but not so helpful for writing maintainable code)

@js0000 @fribbledom yeah the day job Iโ€™m trying to leave involves way too much โ€œwell-factoredโ€ Perl that I still canโ€™t understand or figure out how to extend to do the very simple things I need it to do

@fluffy @js0000 @fribbledom spent years writing perl, loving perl...

the instant python was mostly ubiquitous on the platforms i had to support, i jumped immediately.

readability is so much more important, especially if you're not working alone, ESPECIALLY if you tend to forget how your own code works!

@wohali @fluffy @fribbledom

perl ...

i think it's best for art projects in which the programming skills of participant[s] are not so well developed. perl lets you conceive of a problem however you might want to, and will (generally) figure out a way to run the code despite (let's call it) "inefficient design" ...

doesn't scale but a good sandbox

also, the dream of a programming language like a spoken language (TMTOWTDI) turned out to be a chimera (but we wouldn't have known it unless we tried) ...

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I like to see IOCCC's prog.c masterpieces, so this is very sweet.

About Perl, I've found it is an incredible and useful piece of art. But it's too powerful for my knowledge to make a good and risk free use of it.

Maybe it's just fear. Some times it prevents plunging the rabbit hole. I'm pretty fine with bc, sed and awk in very small shell work, python for handling configuration objects and iterative generators and make for wiring the big start button of the chores. I feel each specific power has its specific role in it's specific perimeter. I like it.

@fribbledom maybe they didn't realise that your code was completely valid... my favourite obfuscated Perl is this implementation of the RC5 encryption algorithm

@fribbledom i respect anyone dedicated enough to read or write perl. truly they walk tall among us

@fribbledom If it doesn't look like line noise, it isn't Perl.

@fribbledom Many people just don't like Perl these days, which is sad. People can make obfuscated (or "bad") code in any language. I've seen some horror in JavaScript, Python and Bash at work, but few people seem to complain that those languages are unreadable. Sadly, only Perl gets shit for it, even though Perl 6 (name pending) brings some really cool features to the table, that most other languages can only dream of.

@fribbledom I do love Perl but I haven't decrypted it yet :) btw the same with awk would be also appropriate :)

@fribbledom Maybe they were disappointed that it didn't actually compile/run in their environment? ;) [After reading it, I tried it in a few online Perl sites just for fun and it ran in one, sorta-ran in another, and failed completely in a third.]

@fribbledom but this toot will make more people follow you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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