When the Eclipse Foundation releases a Go package, it's called something like "".

Of course it is... what is it with Java programmers and their love for fucked up naming schemes?

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@fribbledom Because everyone is wrong? :)

There was a Reddit post about Rust crates and how "namespacing wasn't the solution". Almost everything I write is `mfgames-` because I don't think I have the One True `plugin` package. Same with NPM. I like the Github `userid/package` approach to naming.

But, something to be said about following an established pattern to reduce complexity to understand it. So, they are mostly Java which uses the reverse, so I think it kind of make sense.


I think you misunderstood me. That thing that puzzles me is "paho.mqtt.golang", not the full canonical namespace.

@fribbledom Oh, yeah, that's just screwed up. If they are going to follow Java conventions, then use the proper reverse domain like everyone else. Making up a new one?

Ah, the package is `paho-mqtt`. Why not just use that or `paho-mqtt-golang`.

Nevermind then. :) That is just screwed up.

@fribbledom isn't that a go thing to use the url for the import name? is there any better alternative to the java namespace scheme (there it would be probably org.eclipse.paho.mqtt not so bad)? and no, npm is not an alternative....


The ridiculous part is "paho.mqtt.golang", not the full canonical import path.

@fribbledom ah, I see - yes 😂 there was probably a long and heated board meeting - we can't just call it paho.mqtt that would confuse <insert bullshit here> so let's postfix every other language besides java...

@mt @fribbledom They could have created a sub-organization like go and avoid naming conflicts with their Java repos

@fribbledom it's the same as C++ programmers when faced with JS or Python immediately start implementing ad-hoc checking of argument types in the beginning of every function… They just feel the "lesser" language would benefit from things they learned from their "superior" language. Apparently, a lot of Java people feel pretty smug about their namespaces too :-)

@fribbledom One game we play at work occasionally is see if we can spot haikus in the namespaces in the stack traces when some of the Java programs we deploy inevitably break (thank fuck we don't have to maintain them). Most of them tend to involve a lot of 'beans'. Don't ask me why.

@fribbledom Java is an obsessive language, which means Java programmers enjoy delaying things by adding more boilerplate to go through before they can achieve their goal.
Long names are one way to do it.

@Wolf480pl well yes, but first you have to create a LongNameFactory… @fribbledom

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