@fribbledom Pou… slapped on the (erm.) rump by (this doesn't make it any better—Ed.) by my assumption that this was a Chuck Tingle thing

Is it available somewhere for free as in a speech?

systemctl status fribbledom

Error "status=203/Can not query service status, not enough roosters installed to process request"

@fribbledom I would really like to know who reads something like this. On second thought, probably not.

@bartleby @fribbledom this is from amazon. The internet is a weird place. 😂

@fribbledom If that's your thing, fine. But read it in private, and wash your hands afterwards.

@mwlucas If that's your advice for people choose *read* about systemd, what's your advice for people who have to *use* systemd??


@emacsomancer @fribbledom Find a job with better ethics, like procuring meals for a vampire.

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