"Climate protection needs to be more affordable"

Yeah, because if it's not, we're just not gonna do it! That'll show the climate who's boss!


@fribbledom I, for one, welcome the extinction of our species.


That's at least an honest perspective. If we were to call it "human protection", a lot more people would probably consider paying for it. Because let's face it: the climate doesn't give a fuck. It'll regulate itself once we're gone.

@fribbledom nobody would give a fuck. Humans suck at sticking to long-term plans. If it there aren't short-term incentives to do it, people won't do it.

I'm guessing those who say "needs to be more affordable" are trying to find a way to convince people to actually feel that they can do something.

Yeah, but not everybody can travel to NY on a sail boat.
That said, I don't get why you should go there at all.

@fribbledom I would pose it a tad bit differently: »Financial system should reward climate protection«

@fribbledom Who are we talking about?
I for one have barely enough money left, after all bills are paid, to feed myself with shitty processed food. On the one hand I don't have a car, but on the other hand most of the stuff, I prepare my meals with, comes in some sort of plastic container.


Even though it requires everyone's involvement, I most certainly am not talking about you. I'm sure there are things you could do better (and so could I, don't get me wrong) and we should always strive to better ourselves.

But in the bigger picture, I'm really talking about corporations whining about their profits being eaten up by climate protection, here.

@fribbledom our doom has "immediate gratification" written all over it


@fribbledom We are going to be the richest extinct species there is. Just bury us with our gold trinkets & super-yachts.

@fribbledom anything that's being pitched as "affordable" is fundamentally fart in a hurricane levels of effective.

A much better system will be oriented around making climate destruction unprofitable via enormous fines and jail.

I don't think it's an exaggeration to call the corporations responsible for the current burning of the amazon and jungles in Africa criminals and their endeavors being labeled a crime against humanity.

@fribbledom The argument "but climate protection costs money" is stupid. As if not doing anything about climate change somehow doesn't cost money.

@fribbledom because if it's not, only the rich will be allowed to survive the climate apocalypse.

@fribbledom realized for a long time now that, if it's not worth any money to people, they probably don't really care...

@fribbledom I know this is a serious conversation about a serious topic, but: I often think about how this would not be a problem on the planet Vulcan. Not because they are logical and all, that too, but more so because they live for hundreds of years. If humans routinely lived over a hundred years, we would live to see first hand the consequences of the policies we support, activities we partake in, corporations we invest in, technologies we develop, etc.

@fribbledom Our past actions would directly impact our future lives, instead of having some predicted effect on some intangible future generation. I think that would really put people on the road to making better decisions because, ultimately, it would be self-serving and selfish to do so. And humans, unfortunately, excel at such behaviour.

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