Thanks for laying the groundwork, Richard... but apparently that doesn't stop you from being a bit of a douchebag (to say the very least).

Good riddance, then...


I mean, just look at the photo I attached to the post. If that doesn't scream major douchebag, I don't know what is 😂


I guess you don't have to work for AI to get an AI sticker. Apparently that's on the door to his office.

@fribbledom that's a weird door. Looks like a wall or textured paper...

@fribbledom @nergal You don't have to work for most companies to get stickers from them. Have you ever gone to any kind of conference?

@fribbledom many things that he discussed from shortly after the mages of ether started free software in the time of Unix have come to pass. Almost like a prophecy. The opposers of the term "open source" were right on the premise that open source is not free software and would encourage sweatshopping.

@fribbledom @nergal It looks like a joke. You may find it a shitty one, but it's still just a joke. That doesn't really make him a douchebag, unless you're trying really hard to find reasons to dislike him, I guess.


Hum, I don't know. I find it pretty easy to dislike him for various reasons, albeit you're right... that ranks pretty low on the list. And of course, that doesn't take away from what he did for the Free Software movement. No witch-hunt needed, but I think it really was about time for him to move on.


@fribbledom @nergal It feels like most people commenting on him have already decided they don't like him. All they need now are reasons.

@tyil @fribbledom @nergal This is hardly the only (or the worst) example of his consistently poor behavior towards women.

@nocleverhandle @fribbledom @nergal There aren't many examples, because we both know RMS is not some guy going out of his way to hate on women. But feel free to pretend he is, just so you can be angry that he's achieved more in his life than all of us on the Fediverse ever will.

@fribbledom @nergal
If it was coming from a Johnny Bravo kind of guy, it would be super douchebaggy. But from a hairy old dude? That's quite clearly self irony. How can you take it seriously? I understand the current narrative makes it difficult to see that way, but be careful, because you are not looking at the whole objective picture - you are just consuming bits and pieces carefully collected by somebody who didn't want to show the whole picture.


Uhm, I've known the guy for close to two decades now. He's always been a bit of a douchebag and I've been pointing it out for almost the entire time 😉



Of course, yes. I wouldn't dare calling him a douchebag otherwise 😄



Ok, that's fair then. But would you say the douchebaggery is enough to force him out of MIT and FSFE? I know a couple of douchebags that would deserve much worse treatment, and they didn't even do anything good for the world, but nobody is pushing them out.


@fribbledom I don't think that is the right term. Guy is clearly mentally disabled. For sure he should not have been public face of anything, but they destroyed a lonely man with obvious mental issues.

@yisraeldov @fribbledom Douchebag is a lot better term than "mentally disabled" for a number of reasons.

I don't really know that his really inappropriate behaviour was tolerated for so long. I don't know that it always was so obvious.

@JigmeDatse @fribbledom Really, you don't think he is mentally disabled? A person with all their faculties does not eat things from their foot, especially not while giving a lecture. Have you ever seen him in interviews, people don't act like that. He has the social ability of an 11 year-old. He maybe the word you said, but only as a result of his disability.


I would say the idea that being a jerk is "because of mental disability" is incredibly stigmatizing. He *may* have a mental disability, but being a jerk is an open market for people of all neurologies. To blame being a jerk on the neurology of a person, attaches the being a jerk to that neurology.

It also leads to excusing behaviour which is inappropriate as, "just mental illness". All of that type of thinking is pretty problematic.

@JigmeDatse First, I'm not excusing his behavior, I have said he should not have been the public face of anything. Yes, all "neurologies" can be jerks, but he is far beyond just being a jerk. He does not know how to act in society. And some mental disabilities do cause people to act like jerks, you can't ignore that. Some people just don't have the ability to interact with people. Some people, like Linus prefer not to interact with people, but some people like RMS, just can't.

@yisraeldov Name a single neurological, or psychiatric condition with some equivelent of, "causes people to act like jerks".

@JigmeDatse For example "Impaired social reactions,
Disrespectful and rude behavior,
Lack of proper conversational ability,
Lack of adherence to social conduct" That sounds like being a jerk, it is also the symptoms of a mental disorder.

Not saying that everyone with that problem are jerks, but it doesn't help.

@yisraeldov No, that's not being a jerk. The closest that comes to, "being a jerk" is "disrespectful and rude behaviour" but um, what condition is this? And which set of diagnostic criteria are you using? Do you per chance have this disorder?

I didn't ask for the criteria, I asked for the disorder. That seems disrespectful and rude to intentionally not answer what you were asked, but rather give some clear avoidance.

@JigmeDatse I may indeed have some disorder, but not what RMS has.

Here is where I got it from, I thought I added the link but I guess not, seems just as rude to think that my omission was intentional.

But I think you want to ignore the facts. I could be wrong... have a nice day.


"Disclaimer: This PsycholoGenie article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice."

From the link that you offered. Um, this isn't "diagnostic criteria" or if it is, it doesn't state the origins.

"Asperger's Syndrome" is no longer a valid diagnosis. It hasn't been for a half dozen years. And this language was *not* used in DSM IV-TR so... Um, no begging the question, at best.

@yisraeldov This source is such an authority, that I literally can find *no* evidence that they claim anything more than, "we have people writing for us". Nothing about who these people are, what their claim on knowledge is, where they get their information. This feels like the mental health equivalent of "Natural News" though I think they actually provide reasonable sources, at least sometimes.

@yisraeldov I want to ask, why do you feel it so nescessary to believe that it is a, "mental disorder"? And that "mental disorders cause people to be jerks"?

@yisraeldov As to, your omission being "intentional" I asked for a disorder, you gave a, "criteria". That seems pretty intentional. I know I'm a jerk.

@JigmeDatse @yisraeldov @fribbledom
I can think of one reason why "such behavior was tolerated for so long" - maybe what you are seeing now is not the actual picture. That's how it could easily be tolerated. Also, it's very common to see a malformed picture in such highly publicized scandalous affairs, especially if that's your only source of information.

@chebra My main source of information is stuff which has been stated (and never denied) to be things which he posted in public forums. I guess, that's a malformed picture of what is going on in such a highly publicized scandalous affair. He's been saying this for years, if not decades. But hey, I could just be getting a biased view because it's all misinformation and misunderstanding of what he said, even though it's literally a direct quote which he's never denied.


And there she goes, blocking me, leaving the conversation before I have a chance to respond, thinking that I'm a child rapist because she never saw me deny it...

@yisraeldov @fribbledom

@fribbledom any comment from amnesty international for their association with this man?

@zensaiyuki @fribbledom à sticker is not association. Anyone can get stickers of anything.

Did you read the entire mail conversation of rms or only the newspapers' article ?
(I haven't read the conversation yet).


I have to admit, I don't care about either the article or the mail conversation all that much. I've known they guy for many years now and probably already had my mind made up at that point.

You know him personnally or by his reputation ?

@fribbledom Does this mean I can start calling him Captain Toejam in public?

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