If you see an open-source project that has support for Twitter (in one way or another, could even be just linking to Twitter profiles in a website theme) but not Mastodon, go file an issue and ask kindly for it to support Mastodon, too.

Let's help this network grow!

Have you filed a ticket to support Mastodon somewhere?

Reply with the link to the issue tracker here, I'd love to hear about your experiences!

I'll start with one I posted yesterday:

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@fribbledom Especially helpful would be to get Mastodon popular enough to be a worthy addition to the million social media icon sets out there (for example Font Awesome has Mastodon support:

@asko @fribbledom Ooo. Shiny. Need to go update my blog template with that.

@fribbledom and new projects should aim to be fediverse-first instead of relying straight away on a corporate-driven network

@fribbledom The same should be said for posting #youtube links instead of or better yet #peertube links when possible


May I, based on personal experience, underscore the "kindly"?

I know that many (including myself) feel strongly about open, federated services versus ones run by ginourmous corporations, but it's important to resist the urge to lambast OSS project contributers in any unfriendly, patronizing or entitled way.

I've failed in that regard sometimes, and I'm still embarrassed. And they didn't take my request any seriouser for it.

(But you totally should still ask!)

@fribbledom Instead of favoring #mastodon, i would kindly recommend joining the #fediverse. The fediverse is more than mastodon.
Why specify Mastodon and not generally the Fediverse/Federation? There's others besides Mastodon ;)

@fribbledom Should we all boycott as long as they list all that Facebookish crap quite visible in 'Accounts' setup, but IMAP/SMTP in 'other exotic crap'?


Boycotting open source projects rarely ever worked. Try to reasonably argue your position and convince them to reconsider the current situation, instead.

Of course you can always check out alternatives and see if they fit your personal taste better. That's the beauty of Linux desktop environments: you get to pick one.

@lorabe @fribbledom I definitely would. I just don't want FacebookDE...

But I find it shit anyways...

@pino_ac @lorabe @fribbledom If you don't want FacebookDE then don't connect your Facebook account.

@fribbledom I did about a year ago. Finding it might be a pain in the ass. It was one that many people reported though...

@fribbledom I haven't done that so far but I know the problem of not being able to add a Mastodon link very well.Especially proprietary platforms often only allow links to other proprietary platforms.And I don't mean evil big companies.For example I can't link to Mastodon from the forum of my Webhoster but they even support ICQ which has been nearly dead for years.That's just stupid 🙄

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