Procrastination is a real problem we need to talk about... later.

@fribbledom That's too inefficient.
I let software procrastinate for me trillions of times every second.

Or maybe that's just an endless loop bug I haven't gotten around to fixing yet.

Either way, no manual procrastinating for me!

No, not later, enough with that!
I'll start first thing tomorrow!
I'll go to bed early, get some good sleep and ... oh wait, what's the time? S'a bit late to get up early tomorrow, I guess.

alright, day after tomorrow...

My portmanteau:

_procrastidigitation_ Magic tricks I'll show you later.

No excuses! You can start procrastinating any time.

@fribbledom Today's office productivity workshop, "Procrastination in the Workplace", has been postponed until a later date.

Wow, people sure didn't put off to a later date replying to you.

Let's replace the hard drive with a new SSD and make a fresh OS install to speed things up.

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