@fribbledom One might ask how is it possible for Whatsapp to share messages that should be encrypted...

@rugk @fribbledom @cirku17
They are actually quite careful to always say "End-to-end" encryption, meaning it's encrypted on the way... but nothing stops them from infiltrating one of the end and reading the message before it's sent or after it's received. "Clever" marketing.

@fribbledom Not a chance--while that might be legal in the UK, it is not in the US. The reference to backdoors is only part of the intel community's propaganda war to weaken encryption. The cooperation refers to metadata and the like, not encrypted data.

@fribbledom happy without it since 5 years...or is it more? 🤔😅


wcathcart (Will, Head of WhatsApp) denies it in this Hacker News discussion [ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2 ]

@fribbledom not a Facebook fan but Bloomberg has a history of “interesting” tech reportage (eg their Big Hack story). Now Alex Stamos on Twitter is also pushing back on this story.

@fribbledom is anyone really surprised? saw this coming a mile away...
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