I just read some open-source code online and started thinking "that's neat, I would also write it just like that"... and then I realized it's some old code I wrote some 15 years ago πŸ˜‚

This probably means one of two things: I either maintain a very consistent coding style or I simply stopped evolving as a programmer more than a decade ago πŸ€”

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@fribbledom I remember once clearing all my work projects so I could get down to adding this one useful modification to the code, and then finding that I had already added it and forgotten that was done. At least it made for a nice free afternoon.

@Austin_Dern @fribbledom issue trackers are your friend

Which doesn’t stop me from opening an issue, implementing it, forgetting, then a month later remembering I wanted to do a thing and opening a new issue before noticing i already did it

@fluffy @fribbledom Oh, yes, there are *so* *many* things my workplace could do to make like *everything* better, but it would lose its weird sitcom chic if it got all professional like that.

@fribbledom i like option c, what used to take you a long time of design+testing to make 15 years ago is now an evident approach πŸ€—

@fribbledom you didn't stop evolving, you reached perfection. πŸ˜‰ #wordsMatter

@fribbledom Maybe you peaked 15 years ago and are still balling?

@fribbledom That's okay; software development culture stopped evolving more than a decade ago and just started generating more 3GLs.

@fribbledom I use the same coding style I adopted some 30 years ago, mostly because the principles of good style don't change.


It being open-source I wouldn't even mind πŸ˜‚

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