Anyone remembering the Logitech iFeel Mouse?

It's a mouse from the early 2000s and featured integrated haptic/force feedback using vibrations.

It sounds silly, but it gave UI controls like buttons, window-borders or links a tactile feedback and a texture you could feel when hovering over them with the cursor.

Frankly it was quite amazing and I really wish it would have caught on.

@fribbledom considering how advanced haptic feedback is nowadays it could totally come back… Macbook trackpads kind of already have it, it's just underutilized

@fribbledom meanwhile physical keyboards are being replaced with touchscreen keyboards, so that you can't feel where the keys are.

@Wolf480pl @fribbledom well, even Apple's latest macbooks have physical keyboards that feel terrible (and are unreliable).

I (try to) see some backlash against all this in the mechanical keyboards movement, where geeks are trying to re appropriate their "means of production".

@oz @fribbledom
Yeah, I have a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches and it's awesome.

I've even some gaming mechanical keyboards in mainstream electronics stores.

OTOH, all gaming keyboards and other gaming gear can be seen as an opposition to the mobile-first touchscreen-only experience Apple and the like want to force us into.

@Wolf480pl @oz @fribbledom For whatever reason, I felt most at home with a ~5mm travel rubber dome keyboard. They have the most statisfying feedback. Probably just because I'm used to them on my laptops though...

No, never heard of it until now. Sounds interesting though.

@fribbledom Yep. I had one of those. :) It worked really well in some situations, but was underutilized. It felt nice to get a little bump as the mouse cursor crosses a window border.

@fribbledom That sounds like a great piece of equipment for the visually-impaired.

I'd definitely buy one if it worked well. Great idea. Worth the extra battery drain.

@fribbledom how could it detect what it was over? OS must be able to send feedback back to it...


Yeah, there was integration for Windows and Linux. It detected specific UI elements and reacted accordingly.

For example crossing the window border with your cursor gave you a nice little bump.


Would it be difficult to redo now with arduino and the like?

Woah. I think I was familiar with something of that sort. I remember something like unreal tournament having a patch or drivers for some sort of mouse that supported vibrations.

Of course, all of that was hazy and fuzzy so as of late I thought I had dreamt it all up or something.

@fribbledom I am hoping for Force Touch to be able to do something like this sometime.


I have never heard of that but now I desperately want one. That is such a good idea!

@fribbledom Man, someone with hardware chops should crowdfund a new version of this. Seems like there would be a market for it now.

@fribbledom I owned one! I was really into Black and White at the time and there were a few special levels that required the mouse, so when one turned up cheap at a computer faire I snapped it up and because I liked the haptic feedback I continued to use it until the bottom was literally worn away and it wouldn't slide anymore. I want it back.

i don't recall this, but would love a trackpad that did this

@fribbledom all I remember is the trackball on the old Unisys Icons. Thems were the best.

@fribbledom I bought one for Black and White, there was a quest you only got with it, I think there were mushrooms that would make it shake

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